Your money carries power

Women make up a large percent of the equine industry. Go to any clinic and look around. Read the comments on any given training fb page and you’ll see largely women.

Yet many, many people I know have had or currently feel shamed, uncomfortable, unsafe, worried about or sick of hearing sexist remarks, or worse.

We quite literally keep the horse world going. With our money we fuel trucks, fill barns with hay, put shoes on horses, feed families, build barns and arenas, upgrade rigs, and more. Without your money, the equine world would be at a loss – so a little dignity, a little respect, and fair treatment is the least you can ask for in return.

Nobody is that good that that kind of treatment is worth putting up with. Somebody is keeping these types in business, and feeling awfully secure to say derogatory things things to their client base. But it’s your body, and your money.

As my dad always says, a vote with your feet and your money means more than any Facebook post.

Here’s my little girl, who I’m hoping will grow up strong enough to leave any table where disrespect is served. Hopefully she’ll have good backup from Pearl.

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