You Have It In You

You deserve to be here

Even if somebody told you you won’t make it, if they told you that your horse wasn’t good enough, you didn’t have the right body type, too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, you’re too fearful, too excited, too loud, too quiet.

You deserve to learn, to be treated with respect, to be given the chance to understand in the way you can learn best.

You have what it takes to learn. If you have a shred of empathy, a lick of courage, an ounce of try, a drop of patience, you can do it.
You can do it if you’ve made ten million mistakes. You can do it if your leg flops or your hands pull, because you have it in you to change.

You’re not too old, not too young, not too sloppy, too uptight, too rigid. You can do it and you deserve the chance to improve if you want it.

It won’t be easy, and it doesn’t mean you can settle into being comfortable as you are- we all need to improve. But trust that you have it in you to do it, and no matter what he/she/they said about you, you deserve the dignity of a spot in the arena.

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