The Onus is On Us

“My horse knows I mean well”
“I know my hands are sloppy but she puts up with me”
“I’m kind of scatterbrained but they tolerate me!”
“He knows a slap on the neck means praise so he puts up with it”

Words matter. They change how we behave and think. These types of phrases relieve us of the burden of personal growth and put the onus on the horse to tolerate our faults.

Some horses are tolerant, and these are essential to our learning. They are worth their weight in gold. But don’t let their tolerance allow you to stay comfortable in your growth – keep aspiring to get better, and treat every horse as if they’re the most sensitive horse in the world.

Just because they tolerate it doesn’t mean it’s right, and, it’s on us to continually evolve and keep offering a better version of ourselves to our horses.

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