Confidence to Learn

How does your horse react when presented with something they don’t understand or are worried about? Surprisingly, their reaction often says more about their habits and understanding than the thing itself.

Assuming you present things fairly, and give plenty of time to explore and get curious, their reaction is a giveaway for their habits. Is their first reaction to pull back, crowd, bolt, avoid, leave, not think? Or do they say hey, I don’t know what to do here – what is this?

You couldn’t possibly expose your horse to everything you want them to be able to deal with. But if you teach them to think, explore, get curious, and to know they have all the time they need to figure it out, you can create a truly confident horse- one who can handle new things they’ve never seen before.

One thought on “Confidence to Learn

  1. This is such an important subject for so many !! I still remember when this Attitude towards the learning process was re vealed to me & my reactions !! My latest horse ( a Morgan mare totally alpha ,) has been a great partner in this journey !!she is a spook … so I learned to read her & find my seat without tension !! She has shown me how brave she can be if allowed to figure things out !! Between liberty & the Garrocha pole we have had such fun finally !!


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