While we are on our journeys to become softer, kinder and more educated horse people, it’s very easy to become derailed by judgement and dogmatism. It’s too easy to categorize the world into “us” and “them”- the nice people and the bad people.

There are lots of things I did years back that I truly thought were the best option for a horse at the time. Now I know better, and I don’t do them anymore. It’s not fair to judge me in the past by me in the present standards.

Don’t forget when you’re looking at someone’s belief system and ways of working with horses, you’re looking at a snippet of their lives. You can’t see where they came from, and you don’t know how they will change. Try to go easy on the folks out there that you think are dead wrong – you never know what they can do. I’ve seen some miracles. Shoot, I’m a miracle myself, as far as changing bad habits and wrong ideas goes.

And as anything worth doing, if you’re still doing it the way you did last year, you’re probably not growing. So give people some grace, yourself included.

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