Many horses that I meet are agitated, distracted and not centered.

Many have been this way for a long time. Many come from backgrounds that are sad, some from spoiled backgrounds, others from confusing and frustrating backgrounds. Either way, the problem of not being calm to me is one to address immediately. Calmness is the first focus for me, one from which all good things can come next.

How do you get an agitated horse calm? Make clear parameters in which the horse can understand. Many horses whirling around, pushing, dancing, shoving, looking for danger or treats are very frustrated. They won’t ever stand still if they don’t understand the parameters so I start there immediately. If they have to move, we move! Stillness comes from calm, calm comes from understanding. So at the very least, I can teach them how to move their bodies with confidence, easy and fluid posture, and a connection to the lead rope and me. This brings clarity, clarity brings calm.

Calm and focus can quite often happen very quickly – calmness as a way of life can take a bit longer, who knows how long. But if you aren’t seeing your horse reach out to you for connection soon, it’s likely something is missing that this horse needs – structure, a happy and healthy body, a calm and emotionally balanced person, the right living environment – it’s important to investigate it all.

One thought on “Calm

  1. Trying to figure this out. New mare I have had only 6 months. Can be very laid back ,which what drew me to her first. Had an incident in arena with other horses where she became very aggressive and dangerous to be on. Another horse was hauled with her whom she seemed to be protecting, though not pasture mates. I am enjoying and learning with your blogs


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