To My Students

I’ve worked really hard to learn what I know. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and though I have sincerely tried to help every horse in my care, I’ve undoubtedly scared many. It’s been a hard, stumbling and rewarding path.

The horse world sometimes seems overwhelming: so many horses in need, so few people to truly help them.

What brings me great pride and happiness is watching peoples confidence and skill blossom- watching their interaction with horses grow more beautiful and connected.

My students are not just helping their own horses, they are adding a bright spot into the world. To be an example for their friends, peers and others. As their understanding grows, they see differently and might be able to help, too. Even if they don’t, they’ve still brightened the world for their own horse.

I haven’t found this work easily – that doesn’t mean I’m amazing or exceptional, it just means it isn’t out there to be found readily. I had to really look for it.

My students are better than me in so many ways – they are often more relaxed in their work, enjoy it more, find the fun in little details. I can be pretty serious, and feel pressure to get things done without extra effort to keep that little monster of an inner voice in line. Nothing makes me happier than helping people to ride better and be better than I am- I’m sometimes in awe when I watch my students pick up on a concept so easily that nearly made me pull my hair out. They are the future.

To my students: thank you for inspiring me, for working hard, for trying, for trusting me, for being who you are, for feeling safe enough to try, for being the best you can be, for allowing me into your world, and for giving me such a source of pride – at the end of the day, I know I made many mistakes, but you all won’t make those- and will continue growing as feeling, empathetic, balanced and thoughtful riders.

3 thoughts on “To My Students

  1. OMG! What a lovely message…You talking about me in this one aren’t you? We are so lucky to have found you and be able to work with you. And all of our horses are even more lucky….especially that handsome birthday boy!


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