I write a lot, and cover a lot of topics. Sooner or later, you’re bound to hit a nerve. I often get messages or questions, “was your post about me?”

To be clear, I’m never writing about a specific person. I see many people, hear from many more people, and cover a lot of territory. People all over share the same struggles, frequently say the same things, and have the same ways of handling. This is because many of us are growing up or learning to ride in the same culture, same conditioning, and picking up on the same societal biases.

There is absolutely no shame in being misinformed, misguided or being wrong. How could you know what you weren’t taught? One of the primary reasons for writing for me is to reach a broader group of folks outside just my regular students and help clear up misinformation, help make people think a little differently, and learn.

I’ve thought a lot of wrong things, done a lot of things that weren’t ideal for the horse, and made many many mistakes. I’m not here writing from some pedestal – I’m writing from experience, sharing my own mistakes and doing what I can to help others learn from where I’ve gone wrong. Half the time is teachers harp on the things we’ve personally struggled with, because it’s in the forefront of our minds.

So if you feel called out, just know that posts are never personal, and you’re in the company of many other fine people. Then you have two options: be upset, or learn. Your horse is waiting for you to make the choice toward a better relationship.

4 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Love this!! And I think if you feel like this is about you….maybe that’s you telling yourself you need to learn this lesson. Not personal….just a great moment to learn!


  2. Just started reading your blog a few days ago, love it!! Looking forward to daily inspirations and thoughts. Thank you for your honesty, very refreshing 💖


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