A Day In My Life: Alternatively: No Work/Life Balance

Every morning, my daughter Josie wakes me up around 6/6:30. If she doesn’t wake up first, my eyes pop open anyway. I make a pot of coffee in between getting her dressed, changed, fed, and cleaning up whatever destruction lies in her path.

I usually write an article while I drink my coffee, get sucked into Facebook land and reading or responding to comments, regret the time waste, and remember all the things I have to do.

Then we feed horses, dogs, cows, cats, and whatever else is nearby with a mouth and tail. Josie enjoys holding the hose, throwing grain in the air, and riding the 4-wheeler. My two dogs enjoy chasing birds, scolding horses who get too close to the fence, and finding gross stuff to eat or roll in. It’s a family affair.

My husband Travis watches her while I go to work shortly after. A typical day usually involves a handful of lessons, a trim or two, and working with 6-8 horses. They can be anything from BLM mustangs to gentle, zonked out show horses learning to live outside, young dressage horses to develop, or behavioral or postural rehabs. It never gets boring here.

I sometimes do video lessons or phone consults at the end of the day, and having zero reception at home means I do them from my “office” – an old boarded up gas station about ten minutes away from my house.

On the weekends I often do clinics, either local to NC or around the country. People of all kinds, usually really nice ones, reach out for help and make a fun little community.

Evening means more chores, reuniting with a chatty little girl, feeding her, dogs, cats, cows and whoever else is standing around hungry again. Then it’s a race to put Josie to bed before the grumpies hit – and by then I have a sink full of dishes, a messy floor, a pile of laundry and other such household tasks to ignore on my way to bed.

By this time, there is usually an average of 9,000,000 texts, emails and messages I have not responded to. I get to a couple before falling dead asleep, and try to get back to the rest in the morning.

Work life balance doesn’t exist. There is a blurry line between a day off and work for me, because tasks and texts pile up – but, I pretty much live out the dream life I envisioned since I was six years old. So while I’d love 24 straight hours of sleep, a huge pile of money, and to throw my phone out the window, I know I get to live a full life in every single day. And you just can’t beat that.

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