Up and Comers

Up and coming trainers, instructors, farriers and professionals of all kinds-

If you’re laying low, staying under the radar, I get it. It’s a scary world out there and putting your entire heart and soul out for the world to see is risky to say the least.

There are hardened professionals with pay grades that are staggering out there, confidently making a living- many of them doing a huge disservice to horses and riders. There are folks out there operating on discredited and outdated paradigms who insist it is the right way.

You are badly needed. There are so, so many horses who need help. There are so many riders looking for a new way to ride, but they don’t know what it is they’re looking for yet because they haven’t seen it, or rarely see it.

Playing it safe is understandable, but you are badly needed.

There are some people out there doing good work too- find them and latch onto them. Learn as much a you can, but don’t be afraid to learn from what’s in front of you, too. You don’t need to copy someone else. You have your own unique views and skills to add to the world.

I know it’s scary. And it’s a terrible living- but there aren’t enough people doing it out of pure love for the horse. There are tons of horse trainers out there, tons of farriers, tons of body workers, but not enough like you.

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