Keeping Farriers Safe

You need to be keeping your professionals safe

I don’t trim for a living, I just do my training horses before they are ready for a pro. I’m significantly safer when someone else is not holding the rope for me, though people offer all the time. The reason is because if they aren’t aware of their horses expression, or if they encourage behavior that isn’t ideal for trimming time, they actually make my job more dangerous. So when I trim, I get to observe the entire horse from a bent over position- thinking about trimming, managing my tools and lead rope alone is still safer than having help holding the horse.

I have a lot of friends who trim or shoe for a living, and more that are vets. A constant complaint is that peoples lack of awareness or reinforcement of poor behavior gets them hurt daily. Luckily for me, that isn’t much of an issue in my job, since my job is to tell people what to do instead of silently provide a service- that and I am extremely blessed to have wonderful students. But if I had horses kicking at me or biting me while somebody was talking on their phone or telling me how much fluffy just loves people, I probably wouldn’t last long in that job.

Good farriers and vets are scarce – there are a lot of horse people and not enough professionals to service all these folks. Are you gonna go to a job where you get beat up every day and then have to hunt down your money? I hope not.

Treat your professionals kindly – paying them on time is a great start, but even better is to keep them safe. Teach your horses good ground manners and when you’re at the head, stay aware. Don’t let your horses bite, rub, kick at or injure your farrier –
Because if your horse hurts them, then he can’t come shoe my horse either. And if the industry is already tough enough – high overhead, no sick days, no insurance, no paid vacation, and tons of financial insecurity- you certainly can do your part to keep them safe.

Because we love to ride, and we can’t ride without vets and farriers.

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