To my horses

To my horses –

I’ve been down many paths since I’ve had you. Many of them were wrong, misguided and some plain harmful to you. What I did not know at the time caused you fear, pain, and imbalance.

There were many times I thought I was helping you, or teaching you, when you were telling me plain as day you needed something different. Sometimes I was doing my best, but if I’m honest, sometimes I was arrogantly believing I knew better than you.

I see the changes in your expressions, your bodies, your balance now and it makes me very happy, but it also makes me sad – you waited so long for me to figure things out. Your feet, your teeth, your backs suffered while I dabbled here and there trying to find a path that was best for you. Your backs hurt while I tried what my current teacher had said would work – I knew deep down it wasn’t right, because it did not make you better. I should have listened to you, I should have walked away sooner.

I know the path we’re on is a good one because you carry peaceful expressions and your bodies shine. I’m sorry it took me this long – we like to think of human’s superior intelligence, but really, we can be pretty dense.

I’m grateful for all you’ve taught me, because I can pass it along to every horse I meet. I’m just grateful that you live in the moment and treat every day as a new day, willing to give me another shot, even when I have not deserved it many times over.
I’m really grateful that when I get it right, you offer me 110% – the generosity of horses is completely unparalleled.

Photo is of Brent teaching me to listen to horses.

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