The Lead Rope

A lead rope should be “alive”

It is not a piece of equipment that just hangs from your horse’s face, to be used to drag the horse from one point to another.

The lead rope is the connection between you and your horse. The feel in it says everything about your relationship, communication, your ability to stay in the moment with the horse, and how they feel about the things they come across with you.

The lead rope is your reins, your connection to the horse’s mind and body.

The lead rope deserves all the respect in the world, as if you were holding the entire horse in your palm. The lead rope is not something to hold and use mindlessly- it is alive, and has a language. It’s for you to take that life with respect and mold it to suit your horse.

One thought on “The Lead Rope

  1. Just typed this in a size 28 font, printed it, and it will go in my barn for me and my friend who rides with me. Such a great reminder to keep that feeling alive in the lead rope. Thank you, and I wish you lived in Colorado!

    Carol Robinson


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