“At what point do you plan to ride your horse in a straight line?” My teacher asked me. Whenever my horse sped up, I would bend her head and neck around.
“Well when she slows down,” I answered, kind of baffled by the question.
“And how is she supposed to know to go straight, if she never has the opportunity?” She asked again
“Well because she won’t be running off anymore,” I answered, still stunned
“But how will her BODY know not to be crooked, if she is spending all her time out of alignment?”

I had to really think about that, and I still think about it, every single day. As I go about my training, I think endlessly about how the horse will move from one moment to the next.
I hope to layer their education in logically and in an easy way for the horse to understand. I don’t want to just tell the horse what to do, I want to set it up so it flows and is just the most comfortable and obvious thing to do.

In the same way that my teacher asked me, I also try to ask my students why. What are you hoping to accomplish and why? I don’t want to tell you what to do, I want you to know why you want to do what you’re doing, and maybe we can come to some kind of a solution together.

Photo by Jasmine Cope

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