It is the scourge of the horse world, and the single biggest road block I see to educating people.

Whether it be attaching human values to equine behavior with descriptions like:
Work ethic
Holding a grudge
Faking it
Trying to get out of work

And so on

Or, in the guise of being ethical training, we treat the horse as a human child.

A horse is a horse- not a human, not a dog. A horse will never be anything but a horse, never capable of thinking outside of the bounds of horse thinking.

To me, this doesn’t detract at all from the magic of being with horses. We shouldn’t need to make them like a child or a dog or some mystical creature that doesn’t exist to fully appreciate them- they are amazing exactly as they are, and anthropomorphism, whether in positive description or negative description, is absolutely a disrespect to an incredible animal.

If you love horses, learn how they think, learn what they need, and watch how they behave- and drop the anthropomorphism like you’d drop a hot plate- because it does nothing but damage.

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