The Value of Education

Can’t afford it, or don’t prioritize it?

What’s the value in an education? We quantify information into dollars per hour. Once we’ve committed to the hour, we look at it in terms of results per dollar.

But the reality is that education can’t be quantified by dollars or hours. A good education is an experience- time to soak up concepts, study the nature of the person teaching, time to practice, listen, and develop into the horse person you dream of being.

Many people look at an hourly rate to decide if it’s affordable or not. The truth is, if you want the information to be absorbed in your bones, the sticker price is a non issue- the real price is in the effort you give, the hours hauling or driving, the battle toward personal development. The truth is if you live and breathe this, the cost doesn’t matter- you’d pay anything because you know it is golden. You can’t afford NOT to have it.

You can value shop for groceries or insurance, but you wouldn’t dream of cutting corners on your education. Because you know its value.

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