When you ask a question, did you know what the question in mind actually was?

A lot of folks struggle with asking questions.
They worry it will sound stupid, it will be at the wrong time, or a number of other things.

Then, once the question gets out, a lot of folks don’t have a clear idea of what the question was, and what they hoped to gain from it.

I’m in the habit of asking folks to clarify their questions for me when they ask. This isn’t just because I’m not sure what they are looking to learn, but because I want them to be clear to themselves about their needs.

This especially is important to me as it regards women, who often stumble over their needs or feel unable to take up space. I want all people, but especially women, to learn to organize their question, and get their needs met- this will allow them to guide their horse with more clarity.

It is amazing and interesting how connected lack of self confidence and unsureness can lead to relaying muddy messages to a horse. When you make yourself small, you take away from yourself and the horse too.

I want everyone in my arena not just to ask me better questions, but to feel ok to ask them, to be proud to
ask them because it means they’re thinking. And I want them to know what they want from me, from themselves, and from their horse. I want them to succeed. And a small, but important part of that, is training people how to ask more clear questions.

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