How You Do One Thing Is How You Do All Things

You can’t move quickly and erratically while tacking up, and get on and have a soft, smooth ride

Often folks move around their horses as if overly caffeinated around their horses. Their lead ropes are tangled up, they pet (or slap or scruffle) meaninglessly and erratically. They brush roughly, cinch up quickly, bang eyes and teeth and rumple ears in bridling. Their thoughts are racing, they aren’t organized in their approach and they are rushed.

This isn’t to say you should sneak around your horse, but moving thoughtfully and purposefully around them goes a long way. A horse has to deal with all this frantic and meaningless energy- some become nervous and antsy, some tune out. People go to describing their behavior as rude, nervous, evasive, whatever- when this same horse might be completely different with a calmer and more organized person.

Challenge yourself to have your thoughts and equipment organized before you step into the pasture or stall. Have your lead rope prepared and ready, take a few minutes to tune into your breath. Know what you’d like to accomplish, and then approach the horse. You’ll be amazed at the difference in them.

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