Leadership isn’t all puppies and rainbows. Sometimes we push a button, step on toes, hurt feelings. Sometimes we hit a nerve with a student. Sometimes we scare a horse. Sometimes we draw a line and people don’t love us.

A good leader doesn’t relish confrontation, but understands the bigger picture is more important than temporary comforts. A good leader isn’t a people pleaser, but a conscience pleaser.
They model unemotional boundaries. They have the best interest of others at heart, and sometimes tough conversations happen.

To serve others, me must serve ourselves too. The work of making others happy at our own expense is so draining, there would be nothing of value left to give- a leader knows this energy is precious and gives it freely, but judiciously.

A good leader is a steward of those in their care- and remembers this even when what’s in the best interest of others is not what they wanted.


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