Cost, Complaints and Priorities

Cost- an interesting, an emotionally charged topic

Nearly everywhere, people with means and without are complaining about cost.

In some areas, it’s cultural. It’s almost a societal politeness to pretend you don’t have means when you do, as a way of seeming small and unassuming.

For some people, it’s almost a form of entertainment. For example, I love complaining about the price and gas and groceries, because it gives me something to connect to almost every person I meet about- we all hate the rising costs.

But, I’ve met people who are living down to the bone who don’t complain about the cost of what brings them true value, and folks who are on their third cruise of the year who complain about the cost of everything – folks who will ask for a discount on their horse training because their kitchen needs remodeling.

What is the difference between these kinds of people? Is it a lifestyle? A mindset? Situational? It’s interesting to think about.

When it comes down to what I value- education for one – I’m happy to shell out whatever the cost is. I wouldn’t bat an eye if my teacher told me the new rate of a lesson was $2000 (hyperbole that will surely stir people in the comment section) because the information is priceless to me. But I have sworn off my favorite brand of yogurt after a price increase of $4.50 to $6 a container- priorities! Yogurt is not mine, education is.

I will endlessly be shelling out dough for my education because it is vital to my well-being, because my teachers mean the world to me and I don’t want them struggling to pay for their gas or groceries, because I find it rude to complain about the cost of something so valuable.

Because everywhere folks are begging for good teachers, wishing there were more out there like so and so person – but what if so and so person is struggling to keep the lights on, because of complaints of cost? What if so and so can’t keep the mortgage paid because someone is remodeling their kitchen?

This is a very expensive industry. The overhead for most in the equine industry is astronomical and quickly almost doubling. Your favorite teachers will be priced out in no time, without your support.


2 thoughts on “Cost, Complaints and Priorities

  1. In my experience, it is often the ones with the most money who complain the most about costs and seem to want to nickel and dime everything. Not true across the board, but a definite trend. I have, over the years, received unsolicited feedback about the cost of my horses. I always smile and say that people spend their money on what they value. I also started making my own yoghurt and will never go back (couldn’t help myself). 🙂


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