Fear of failure-

It grips all of us at some point or another, to different degrees. For many, it can be crippling.

Many of my students say to me that they are petrified of screwing up, to which I am known to say, “relax, you will.”

Failure is inevitable, and is not possible to avoid entirely. We can reduce the risk, but at some point we all will fail.

Being criticized, Injuries, getting fired, training mistakes big and small – they are all on the table the minute you roll out of bed. It’s a wild world out there, and risk is inherent. Sometimes the damage can be repaired, sometimes not.

Failure offers us many opportunities to learn on a deeper level. Babies learn to crawl by getting so damn frustrated they can’t take it anymore, and make the first wobbly moves toward the item that’s caught their eye. But they fall often. Every master out there has failed endlessly to get to their level of deep knowledge. We don’t live in a nice, cooperative world- we live in a world designed to push us for our growth, and this means, we will fall.

All failure can point us deeper to the center- there is something to be learned in every moment: patience, flexibility, forgiveness of ourselves and others, surrendering control.

It’s not a matter of if, but when, you fail. So what’s your relationship to failure? If you can make peace with it, the irony is it’s frequency can be greatly reduced, because you will be more open. And when it can’t be avoided, or if you missed something, at the very least, you will handle it with more grace. 

Failure is not the end, it is simply input.

So relax, nothing is under control-


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