There Is Risk

If at the end they hate your guts but you got to pass on help to a greater reach of horses, it was worth it

If they copy you and take credit but the work helps horses, it was worth it

If they didn’t get it and left for something flashier, but the horse got to feel better for a little while, it was worth it

If they think you’re crazy but you know you reached the horse, it was worth it

There is risk in putting yourself out there. There’s risk others won’t like you, they’ll steal from you and cheapen the work, they’ll misunderstand it, they’ll judge you,


There is also the risk you make an impact, great or small, on those hungry for help

Life is a risk. The only risk intolerable is regret that you didn’t give it a shot.

2 thoughts on “There Is Risk

  1. If you’re in it for the horse…it’s a risk worth taking 🙂 ….I’ve never seen this (approach) not work for a horse. I’ve seen it not work for a lot of people. Risk on!

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