Nobody Can Read Your Mind

If you know how to ask for what you need, you might get it

There’s no prize for martyrdom, no reward for holding back from getting what you need. It doesn’t make you more virtuous, it makes you resentful of those who couldn’t guess for you, and poisons your relationships.

Nobody can reach in your mind and pull out your thoughts, nobody can intuit your needs for you better than yourself. You have your life and you are the master of it- so don’t wait for others to reach in and save you- if you know what you need and aren’t afraid to ask, the worst that can happen is you hear a no.

To not ask, to not speak up, is a disrespect to the chances and gifts that so fleetingly pass our way.

But, there is an art to knowing the difference between wants and needs, and knowing when to ask, and when to let go of frivolous desires

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