Through the eyes of the horse

It is an honor to teach you, to engage with you. It’s an honor to care for or get to know your horse.

Every day that I wake up, I get to work on myself, as seen through the eyes of the horse. I have a million daily reminders to slow down, to breathe, to check my thoughts and behaviors, to curb my goals or send them down a different direction.

I feel the horse is a central part of my well-being as a human, and of my growth. But each student I work with as well helps me grow- initially, in making a great push to be more social and less introverted. But I’ve learned also, and am slowly and painfully learning still, how to communicate better, how to set boundaries, how to apologize, how to protect what’s mine to protect, and how to let go of what isn’t mine.

I get to see the world from the eyes of many other people with very different lives and worlds. I get to be inspired by the strength and resilience of so many; overcoming injuries or illnesses or trials of life. I am inspired by the truly positive and upbeat natures of so many, and the tenacity of those who make it work despite lack of time or financial means.

I’m grateful for the experience and the opportunity – I don’t take it lightly. Every single day has been a monumental learning opportunity – even the worst experiences and the occasional bad apple have lead me toward self improvement and better awareness.

So to all of you reading, riding with me, or working with me in any capacity, from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to you for making my life a beautiful thing


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