Be Nice

Be nice!
Sit with your legs together!
Say you’re sorry to Susie

Be nice!
Apologize for smacking Timmy, he just likes you!

Smile honey,
Nobody likes a sour face!

Don’t rock the boat!
A woman should be smart, but not intimidating
Be pretty, but not too pretty!
Nobody likes a show off

Are you really gonna wear that?
It’s too revealing/you look frumpy!

Stand up for yourself
But not too much! No need to be prickly!

Get married!
But don’t throw your life away!
Have kids
But for Gods sakes don’t just sit around in sweats and a pony tail.
Put on a little lipstick!

Smile baby
You don’t wanna scare people off with that face
If you put a little effort in,
You could really be cute

Say you’re sorry for offending the boss!
Say you’re sorry telling him he was over the line!
Say you’re sorry for raising your prices
Say you’re sorry for telling the truth
Say you’re sorry for setting a high bar
Say you’re sorry for making others uncomfortable
Say you’re sorry for existing!

But everyone knows
The world is not moved by nice
Or pretty
But by determination, and grit


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