About Me


I can remember being absolutely bonkers about horses since I was learning to walk and talk, but I began riding at the age of six. My riding career began at a Military Riding School in Caracas, Venezuela in show jumping.  For me being around these amazing animals in a major metropolitan city was a dream come true, and I cherished every second of it, trying any discipline that was offered. Growing up as a military kid, we bounced from place to place through my childhood until I was grown.  Horses were an expensive luxury, so I eagerly looked forward to irregular lessons whenever I could, relying on my very patient and supportive parents to drive me miles and miles out of the city to the nearest barn.

liscenceRiding “Emperador” in a show for Circulo Militar Carabobo at 7 years old.

I currently live in North Carolina, and have 4 horses.

I am an avid student of the horse and have spent my whole life looking for and developing quality horsemanship.  I have ridden with many incredible horsemen and women, hoping for a little bit of their knowledge and feel to rub off on me!


Riding with Brent Graef



Riding with instructor Pepe Gutierrez at Real Escuela Andalusa del Arte Ecuestre in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Riding my quarter horse mare, Dee

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