The Dusty Horseman

Empty buzzwords
Instagram models posed, photo ready

the horse is a prop

Likes and shares
Waging war against each other for the fickle attention of the public

The horse is a prop

The Horse Gurus
Selling relationship in a bite sized package
Feeding you empty messaging for a quick burst of dopamine

The stick
The hat
The accent
The cult following that does the dirty work in comment sections

The horse is a prop

Brightly colored ads
Flashy videos, bridless flying changes on a sore backed horse with ears flat back
The liberty horse that nips, the secret abuse behind the scenes
The emperors clothes

The horse is a prop

Somewhere, outside the range of Wi-Fi
Away from the camera lens
Is the dusty horseman listening for quiet licks and slow blinks
His hat is crumpled
His jeans off brand and unsponsored

He waits til the job is done
Even after the crowd is gone

For him the horse is the entire universe

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