The actual process of learning, if we’re thinking of it as just a straight shot of information, does not take that long.

If we were simply learning, we could progress very quickly.

The lengthy part is the floundering, the internal crisis, the doubting, the comparing our journey with all our friends, the stumbling over mental habits that get in our way, the leaving the program and coming back later, the trying but not really cause it’s hard, the crying-

The process of learning, for most of us, is not actually putting information into application, but the unpacking of our previous beliefs, the thought patterns that aren’t productive, and the garbage we carry around that keeps us from progressing in a real way.

Learning takes the time it takes because of the tangled knots in our minds- it drags on because we untie one knot and tie in three more, until we’re wrapped up and choked out by them. But for the unknotted mind, it is simply information with a clear place to land, and practice moving it forward.


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