Some thoughts for today-

What is the difference between arrogance and confidence?
Arrogance believes I am good because I’m better than others. Arrogance puts the emphasis on self- it wants to appear in an elevated way, and must work hard to maintain it. It cannot be spontaneous or relaxed because it is a strained way of life. Arrogance relies on energy from others, and so it can be shot down with words or events.

Arrogance relies insecurely on public opinion, accolades- it seeks to place the self above others and requires constant bolstering by others.

Confidence is tapping into forces surrounding you, and forgetting the self. It is self sustaining and does not require re-fueling through admiration seeking.

It allows freedom of expression, spontaneity and creativity in life. It provides an ease and lack of worry of others opinions because it isn’t about you- it’s simply grabbing what is available in the air and using it. Confidence does not require perfection, public admiration or even mastery of skill-

It is untouchable because it doesn’t belong to the individual, and therefore the opinions of others or events in one’s life have no way of diminishing it. Moods can change, but confidence is a steady force, like the sun. Confidence knows it is not superior to others because this creative force is available to all.


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