Ride The Body, Not the Mouth

When you think about it, it’s kind of absurd the amount of time we spend correcting and over managing horses’ heads, for the problems that weren’t created there.

The head and neck are typically where the results of imbalance and resistance are displayed in the most obvious way to a person, but they didn’t start there. There is a mind, on top of a spine on top of a rib cage and a pelvis with four feet beneath them- and yet we spend so much time pulling, pushing, fidgeting and micro managing the entirely wrong body part.

It all comes down to rider awareness, education, and discipline. Everybody pulls, whether they think they do or not- but a disciplined rider working toward an education in mindful and correct handling is committed to awareness of this pulling, and learning to watch the body instead of just the head. This rider prioritizes owning their mistakes and not blaming the horse; and is committed to learning about how a horses’ body actually works, instead of resorting to the cheap fix of correcting the head.

Photo by Melinda Yelvington

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