What’s the value of education?

What’s the value of education to you?

Everyone has their line for what’s considered too expensive. For some, the cost of high quality education is quite the pinch. Some have to wait til it’s within reach financially, and some find ways to make it happen anyway. For others, financial means are much more comfortable, but the mindset is limiting. “Can’t” afford, for many, simply means “prefer not to pay the amount of.” For many, “too expensive” would be better described as “don’t want to pay.”

The cost of a lesson is less than many face creams, or dinner out for two, and certainly less than a vacation, yet many prioritize wants over needs.

To me, education is a need. Whatever my teachers charge, I’m more than happy to pay. Not because I’m sleeping on a bed of money, but because I respect them, value their time and knowledge, and know they have something I won’t find elsewhere. I’d rather skip the dinner out and pay for the lesson, because that is my priority.

So next time the cost of something seems too high, think from another perspective- not just the price, but the value. Who’s charging matters a lot- what do they offer? Do you respect them enough? Do you respect your own education, or your horse enough to prioritize a high quality education?


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